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Play 4 – Adapt and Win!

Driving the Digital Transformation

Live Webinar


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General Playbook Objectives

The Project Management Playbook was designed to rapidly reskill project professionals with just-in-time tools to help them navigate the path forward. It’s developed around the Project Management Institute’s Talent Triangle, which encourages project professionals to focus their skill training on Leadership, Strategy and Technical competencies, with an emphasis on digital transformation.


Play 4 Objectives

Play 4, Adapt and Win! Driving the Digital Transformation is a strategic play, designed to transport you from fearful passivity to bold optimism about the digital transformation and the new normal! In 2 hours, you’ll learn effective strategies for navigating disruption within your industry, organization, leadership, team and job function.


Play 4 Outcomes

  • Explain the four drivers of the digital transformation

  • Describe the existential threat impacting incumbent businesses

  • Technical tips for exploiting AI

  • Develop strategies for disrupting yourself

  • Describe the innovator’s dilemma

  • Identify your disruptive strengths

  • Tactics for normalizing outcomes from mergers, acquisitions, and re-orgs

  • Strategies for navigating new bosses

  • Tactics for navigating new teams

  • Develop a Career Risk Management Plan


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